Babel Bridges
Babel Bridges

What is Babel Bridges?

An initiative to support English conversation auxiliaries, arranging their stay in Spain, to be hosted by Spanish families in return of supporting them teaching Englih while having leisure time.


The programme is done in alignment with and has been promoted by institutional official initiatives such as “the British Council’s Language Assistants programme”, or "Council on International Educational Exchange".


Do notice that inspite of this alignment and promotion, this is and independent initiative not officially bound to aforementioned official ones.

Who can take part in this Programme?

Native English Speaking Participants, working as "English Language Conversation Assistants”, being assigned to Madrid.


Spanish Families willing to host a British student during her/his stay in Spain, in return for being supported by taking care of their children, while speaking them in English.



Programme Service


Support identifying a hosting family:


After proper videoconference interview, the student’s priorities will be identified.

Selection of a local family according to student’s priorities and  distance to school.

Trilateral videoconference interview with the candidate family for introducing both parts. In case of no bilateral agreement, alternative family will be sought.


Support when landing and while being in Spain:

Provision of information on what to do in Spain and how to get involved with the family


Provision of sources of information and material that you may want to use when playing with the family’s children during your stay.


“Rights”: The hosting family will provide you with an exclusive bedroom, maintenance and the chance of practising your Spanish with the parents, and of becoming familiar with the Spanish culture through a local family.


“Liabilities”: Support the family by taking care of and playing with the children, while speaking to them in English, during the working days’ afternoons/evenings. Notice that this is not a babysitting services and neither housekeeping, nor night nor week-end babysitting are considered.


Any other term, shall be arranged directly with the family out of the scope of the initiative.



But..... How does it work?


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You can contact us throught our template contact template.


If you want to know more about how to arrange your accomodation in Spain get in contact with us.